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Dr McKinney - • Value Sheets Individual Clarifying...

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Dr. McKinney Lecture 1-20-2011 Values: Those aspects of our lives that are so important & pervasive that they involve our feelings, thoughts & behaviors Show what we are likely to do with our limited time & energy Choosing Explore options freely from alternatives Choose from alternatives Consider consequences* Prizing Happy with your choice Willing to publicly affirm the choice Acting Decide what you would be willing to do with your choice Commit to regularly acting upon your value Value Indicators If all six of the criteria are not met Used to help people explore or develop values Examples: goals, attitudes, interests, feelings, beliefs, worries Values Development Method used to help participants through the values process Strategies Individual Clarifying Response Group Discussions
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Unformatted text preview: • Value Sheets Individual Clarifying Response • Used to encourage participants to think further about their ideas or beliefs • Example: Cedric tells you that he is going camping. You might say, “That’s great,” or “Have Fun.” • “So, you’re going camping, Cedric? Are you happy that you are going?” Suggestions… • Avoid moralizing or criticizing • Place responsibility on participants to decide what they want • Be stimulating, but insistent • Helps participants to understand their ideas • Avoid extended discussions Group Discussions • Select a topic • Encourage participants to think before speaking • Structure discussion to control participants Value Sheets • Includes a provoca Look Up: Contraindicated...
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Dr McKinney - • Value Sheets Individual Clarifying...

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