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Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions Interventions designed to preserve the best behavioral interventions while recognizing a person’s cognitions Behavioral Model Overt behaviors Behavior is learned, therefore, can be changed with the use of teaching/ learning process Cognitive Model A person’s behavior & feelings are influenced by how that person perceives an event Seek to alter “automatic thoughts” Automatic Thoughts Thoughts that are involuntarily surface & prompt people to construe events in a personal belief. “Core beliefs” –spring from a person’s self-perception, view of Core Beliefs Helpless ____ I am powerless ____ I am inadequate ____ I am not good enough Unlovable ____ I am unlikable ____ I am bad ____ I am unworthy Overview of the AM Groups Discussions : Participants talking about anger provoking
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Unformatted text preview: Modeling : Participants or the facilitator demonstrating appropriate reactions to anger provoking situations Behavioral Rehearsal : Planned or spontaneous forms of role play designed to enact anger provoking situations ZIPPER Strategy Z Zip your mouth I Identify the problem P Put off what you want to do P Put yourself in control E Explore other solutions R Return to what you are doing (Reset) Anger Management Activities Cover What does the word anger mean to me? Exploring My Anger How Do I Know I Am Angry? I Know I Am Angry When How Does Anger Feel To Me? Anger Reducers Anger Light Switch On Call the person aside Tell them what made you angry Describe your feelings Stay Calm Talk to a TRS, parent, or teacher Off Remember not to Put the person down Bring others into it Threaten Bring up the past...
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Faci. Notes - Modeling : Participants or the facilitator...

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