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Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions Interventions designed to preserve the best behavioral interventions while recognizing a person’s cognitions Behavioral Model Overt behaviors Behavior is learned, therefore, can be changed with the use of teaching/ learning process Cognitive Model A person’s behavior & feelings are influenced by how that person perceives an event Seek to alter “automatic thoughts” Automatic Thoughts Thoughts that are involuntarily surface & prompt people to construe events in a personal belief. “Core beliefs” –spring from a person’s self-perception, view of Core Beliefs Helpless ____ I am powerless ____ I am inadequate ____ I am not good enough Unlovable ____ I am unlikable ____ I am bad ____ I am unworthy Overview of the AM Groups Discussions : Participants talking about anger provoking
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Unformatted text preview: Modeling : Participants or the facilitator demonstrating appropriate reactions to anger provoking situations • Behavioral Rehearsal : Planned or spontaneous forms of role play designed to enact anger provoking situations ZIPPER Strategy • Z Zip your mouth • I Identify the problem • P Put off what you want to do • P Put yourself in control • E Explore other solutions • R Return to what you are doing (Reset) Anger Management Activities • Cover – What does the word “anger” mean to me? • Exploring My Anger • How Do I Know I Am Angry? • I Know I Am Angry When… • How Does Anger Feel To Me? • Anger Reducers Anger Light Switch • On Call the person aside Tell them what made you angry Describe your feelings Stay Calm Talk to a TRS, parent, or teacher • Off Remember not to… Put the person down Bring others into it Threaten Bring up the past...
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Faci. Notes - Modeling Participants or the facilitator...

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