Levels of Leadership

Levels of Leadership - Democratic • Involves others in...

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Levels of Leadership Administrative: Task – plan, organize, coordinate, evaluate, & control the operations of an agency Provide overall direction and leadership Supervisory: Supervision for other staff. For example, the TR supervisor may Team: Teamwork with other TRSs or with the interdisciplinary team Direct Program: Actual delivery of programming to participants Face-to-face leadership in recreation activities Autocratic Directive Style Makes all decisions & expects cooperation Allow minimal group participation
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Unformatted text preview: Democratic • Involves others in decisions making • Leader draws on group members for ideas, thus creating a feeling of participation & teamwork Laissez-Faire • Open & permissive approach • Leader doesn’t exercise authority • Minimum control Factors That Influence Best Style • Ability & personality of the leader • Characteristics & needs of participants • Environment (e.g., hospital, nursing home) Leadership Style Continuum Look Up these words: Autocratic (Leader Ctr), Democratic, Laissez-Faire (Client Ctr), Dependency, Independence...
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