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Program Planning 1-25-2011 Notes

Program Planning 1-25-2011 Notes - • A systems approach...

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Program Planning 1-25-2011 Chapter 4: Therapeutic Recreation accountability Model (TRAM) Accountability Being held responsible for *That best meets clients needs *That moves clients toward predetermined outcomes Accountability is being mandated by accreditation groups such as: JCAHO CARF CMS ATRA The TRS is accountable for the content of the profession & the process (how) of service delivery. The TR process begins with a system approach… the systematic
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Unformatted text preview: • A systems approach implies the designer specifies intended outcomes as well as the process to accomplish outcomes PRIOR to the implementation of the program. • The systematic program design assumes: A well-defined & goal oriented purpose A well-thought-out plan for getting the client from point A to point B through his/her participation in the program. • A system approach to program planning focuses on 3 basic concerns: Where you’re going? Howe you’re going to get there? How do you know if you got there?...
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