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Stages… Dr. McKinney - Does it...

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Stages… Pre-conventional: Instrumental Relativism Conventional: Good-Boy – Nice-Girl Post-conventional: Social Contract Universal-Ethical Principle Stage 1: Punishment Obedience Egocentric in thinking Physical actions determine whether action is seen as good or bad Example Stage 2: Instrumental Relativism Right action is determined by what satisfies one’s own needs & occasionally the needs of others How you treat others will determine how others treat you Stage 3: Good-Boy – Nice Girl Good behavior requires approval from others Strive to follow role models Maintaining fixed order Stage 5: Social Contract Individual rights & standards which have been critically Question fairness of a law Stage 6: Universal Ethical Principle Every person has the same rights Justice, reciprocity, equality of human rights
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Unformatted text preview: Does it even exist? How is this used in an intervention? Discussion about moral dilemmas with associated probe questions Dilemmas are written to challenge participants to examine their thinking bout issues such as social norms, conscience, life, & truth Moral Dilemmas General (e.g., Heinz Dilemmas) Recreation Related Spontaneous Probe Questions Clarification Issue-related Alternative Dilemma Clarification Same for each dilemma Who is/ are the main character(s) of the story? Issue Related Provoke discussion What should ____________ do? Why? or Why not? Alternative Dilemma Provoke disagreement What if? Interaction Probes Promote discussion among participants Beth, do you agree with what Art just said? Notes: You dont go backwards in stages & you do not skip them....
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Stages… Dr. McKinney - Does it...

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