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Garland D. Jones Term Project Evaluation Warrant I really enjoyed this project because it showed me things about myself that I never knew. It takes a project such as this to bring your mind into the light and make you realize that the things that you put in your own body can have a strong effect on your health. I thought that I was very healthy and that I watched what I ate when I’m at school. But my research showed me that I wasn’t eating the right things to give myself the right nutrients. So I learned through this project that even though I go to McDonalds and buy a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a crispy or fried chicken sandwich, a baked apple pie,
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Unformatted text preview: and instead of fries I will eat apple dippers and a sweet tea; because I thought it was fast and healthy; this project proved me wrong. I now know that I can’t eat these things because they a lacking many of my daily nutrients. I would like to thank Mr. Bowcher, for letting us explore and play with this website because it opened my eyes to my nasty eating habits. I hope that I can gradually take back my health with smarter decisions, healthier choices, and a consistent schedule of daily physical activity. 4...
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