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Informative Speech Outline - specialize in the care and...

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Garland D. Jones Informative Speech Outline Topic: Athletic Training/ Sports Medicine General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience should be knowledgeable of what it takes to become and maintain a job in this particular field. Central Idea: Knowing what it takes to acquire a job in the field of Athletic Training. Introduction: While watching your favorite sport, weather it be football or soccer, you see your favorite athlete go down with an injury. Have you ever wondered who are the people who come, huddle and crowd the player? Have you though about what happens after a player is carried off the field or court? Well if you have asked yourself these questions then I have your answer. Athletic Trainers are the people you see on the field helping injured athletes. They
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Unformatted text preview: specialize in the care and prevention of athletic injuries. These specialized allied health providers go through years of standardized education, plus they have to successfully pass a comprehensive examination. Body: 1. History A. In the beginning B. Organizations 2. Education A. Degrees B. Accreditation 3. The Practice A. Specializing in care and prevention Conclusion: This morning Ive just identified what it takes to be an athletic trainer. The hard work and dedication of many is what cause many athletes to do better on and off the field. Without these types of people athletes wouldnt eat right of play us to sufficient standards. Sources:'Facts%20about%20Athletic %20Trainers '...
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Informative Speech Outline - specialize in the care and...

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