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Into to psych

Into to psych - poor performance causes negative or no...

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Garland D. Jones Dr. E. W. Moultrie Tues &Thurs 11:20-12:50 PS 230 Introduction to Psychology CHILDHOOD LEARNING EXPERIENCE: When I was growing up and also now, grades were very important in my household. In order to receive the things that we wanted i.e. toys, candy and treats, or certain special meals, we had to deliver good grades. If we didn’t receive good grades we would, not only, not receive the items and or this we wanted, but we would also receive a spanking. I felt that the rewards were fair for my siblings and me, because it taught us to strive for things that we wanted. The punishment for not performing to the best of our ability was harsh at time, but it caused us to learn that there are negative consequences for poor performance. In all the operant conditioning caused positive results in future actions. Teaching myself and my siblings to strive to earn the things we wanted and that
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Unformatted text preview: poor performance causes negative or no results. USING BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: My cousin has a small behavioral problem that I would like to see changed. My cousin does not like to take out the trash among other things. This causes myself and my roommates to become upset because we have to eventually take the trash out. This all goes back to when he was a young child, his mother never made him do any chores around the house, which in my eyes caused him to become lazy and not appreciate the honest way to earn things through hard work. I don’t know which behavioral modification technique I would use to change this behavior. I would try Pavlov’s experiment and try to start a sensory response within him. Myself and my roommates will leave the apartment and leave him there for a week or more and see if the smell of the garbage will trigger a reaction to take the trash out....
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Into to psych - poor performance causes negative or no...

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