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Mordecai chapter 29-1

Mordecai chapter 29-1 - but many died because they did not...

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Mordecai, Reubin Hu 233 B Chapter 29 Answer 1. He enhanced the theatricality of the scene by means of atmospheric contrasts of light and dark by including details that draw the eye from the foreground. 2. The execution was to in sure from an uprising of Spanish citizens against the French Army. 3. Romantic artist used suffering and death. 4. The painting showed Napoleon using violence but the French saw him as a hero. They glorified contemporary heroes and heroic events. 5. The raft of medusa was a shipwreck off the coast of Africa. They tried to save people
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Unformatted text preview: but many died because they did not have enough food. Fifteen people survived the wreck. 6. The paintings show death, struggles, heroism, and people being killed. 7.The principles are abstract and elusive of the arts freeing the intellect and speaking directly to the heart. 8. The piano became popular in the 19 th century 9. The style is Christian architecture, Catholic faith, and medieval historical tradition....
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