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Garland D. Jones September 26, 2006 Sharon Walker School and Community 9:40am-11:20am A Game of Cat and Mouse Items needed: 2 balls (1 ball needs to be larger than the other ball) An imagination Players: It needs to be up to 5 or more players Directions: In the game of Cat and Mouse, the students will form a circle and one student will stand in the middle. The balls shall be passed around quickly (like a hot potato). The larger ball represents the cat, while the smaller ball represents the mouse. The student
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Unformatted text preview: who is standing in the middle will come up with a story using a key phrase that will trigger the cat to chase the mouse around the outside of the circle. The cat must tag the mouse with his ball or they will become the new story teller. After the first chase of cat and mouse you must find alternate ways for the cat to chase the mouse, running forward will not longer be an option....
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