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Page 464 exercises

Page 464 exercises - broke the knob 3 “I believe a...

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Page 464 exercises (A-G) A. Understanding the thesis and other main ideas 1.) B 2.) C 3.) C 4.) A 5.) B 6.) D 7.) D B. Identifying details 1.) D 2.) A 3.) D 4.) A 5.) C C. Recognizing methods of organization and transitions 1.) A 2.) A D. Reviewing and organizing ideas: mapping Carbohydrates Fat, protein, energy enough Muscle glycogen, muscles, liver Fat E. Figuring out inferred meanings 1.) F 2.) F 3.) T 4.) F 5.) T F. Thinking critically 1.) D 2.) B 3.) C 4.) D G. Building vocabulary 1.) B
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2.) B 3.) C 4.) A 5.) D 6.) C 7.) D 8.) B Word parts 1.) A person who 2.) Out 3.) Characteristic of 4.) Out 5.) The quality of Unusual words/ unusual meanings 1.) My brother and I are such couch potatoes when we are home alone. 2.) While working on the radio, the repairman tried to tweak the fine-tuning and
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Unformatted text preview: broke the knob. 3.) “I believe a motivational speech is the fuel this team needs to win the game tonight!” 4.) My mother is a nut, when it comes down to cleaning. 5.) When school was out, my brother and I where stuck in a rut the whole summer break. H. Selecting a learning/ study strategy My learning strategy would be to write all of the key words and other important aspects that I needed to know on note cards and learn everything while just walking around, shopping, or doing other activities that I partake in during the day....
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