Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education - walls This behavior should also...

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Garland D. Jones Sharon Walker January 25, 2007 Philosophy of Education Education is critical to the development and improvement our children today. Keeping children informed of all that is going on in the world and helping them to understand theses things also helps them to form opinions and articulate themselves. As teachers it is also our job to eliminate confusion and to instill understanding into these young minds. I feel that if the child isn’t receiving discipline and understanding in the home, that it is the teachers or instructor’s job to help the child understand what is right and what is wrong. Misbehavior shall not be tolerated inside or outside the classroom; meaning that if you are an instructor and you take your class on a field trip to a museum that the children know not to steal, break, and or disrespect anything within the museum
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Unformatted text preview: walls. This behavior should also transfer into the classroom. Also as a teacher, make sure that the child or children’s parents are involved in his/her school work, after school activities, and behavior. Sending progress reports home, even if the school doesn’t require you to issue them; making sure that the parents sign them and also calling the parents if you do not receive a report back to keep the parent abreast of all situations at school. Keeping the children in active after school programs that help them mentally as well as physically and socially will help keep a healthy relationship between parent and teacher. Constant conference with students and parents will help to aid in health and calm environment at home and also in the classroom....
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Philosophy of Education - walls This behavior should also...

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