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Reubin Mordecai Hu 233 B Chapter 30 Questions: Answers 1. The railroad was the main featured because it played a big part politically. 2. They established colonies during the nineteenth century in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The others had established economic, political, and cultural domination. 3. These are probably the people that were conquered. 4. The Chinese restricted the importation of drugs and the activities of opium smuggles. 5. Conservatives: Stressed the importance of maintaining order, liberals: supported gradual reform through enlighten legal systems: Utilitarian expounded the deology of social liberalism. Socialist attacked capitalism as unjust. Anarchists: favored the complete dissolution of the state and the elimination of the force of
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Unformatted text preview: law. 6. They seeked because they wanted revolution. 7. It differs because master and slave are demanding and it is like a job. But women and men it is a band that can be good and bad. 8. Realism: come about as a style, that recorded subject matter in true – to – life terms. The themes were realistic details and they portrayed physical ugliness was unflinching. 9. Contemporary social condition was described sympathetically and with fidelity. 10. Steel frames held the building up. 11. William Henry Fox Talbot, Louis J.M. Daguerre pioneers of photography. Pioneers of literacy Alays Senefelder and Honore Dumier....
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