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State of Grace - Garland D Jones Intro To Bible New...

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Garland D. Jones Intro. To Bible New Testament Rev. McConnell April 21,2005 State of Grace: Living and Dying Throughout life everyone will experience death weather if it involves a loved one or yourself. But there are stages and symptoms that come with the realization of death. These stages of death are very natural and are experienced by all sometimes taking longer to reach each of the stages. There are five stages of death: shock, denial, anger, bargaining, and acceptance. These five stages of death help the dying come to terms with death and also help them to sometimes open their relationship further with God. I personally had to deal with these stages, when my father was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. My father lived for four more years until he
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lost his battle with cancer. His experience with these stages caused my family and myself emotional pain and kept us on the edge. The first stage of death is shock. Shock is like a surprise or a startling discovery that over takes you. This was the first experience that was displayed by my father and my family. Everyone was so surprised that someone so healthy could contract such a disease as cancer. The initial shock took a toll on my dads pride and he slumped into, what I like to call, pity parties or depression states. He managed to walk around with his head held high, and he would never tell anyone about what he was going through, for he didn’t want people to feel sorry for him. He continued to maintain this type of attitude, having his good days and bad. But I believe the shock of having cancer couldn’t compare to the shock he realized in 2003 when he started to feel that he would no longer be with us. When he realized that he
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State of Grace - Garland D Jones Intro To Bible New...

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