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Garland D. Jones Intro. To Recreation Sharon Walker March 15, 2007 M, W, F 11:40 a.m.- 12:40 p.m. Technology Recreation Over the years recreation has evolved into more than playing broad games or going outside to play basketball and or to shot marbles. Recreation has moved into a new era, where technology plays a big part in societies recreational habits. Recreational technology is the use of computers or any kind of machine for your leisure purposes. Examples of these items are: Electronic scoreboards which can keep track of the score, time, fouls, and timeouts during a game with just a single button or buttons. Compact
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Unformatted text preview: Disc Players or CD players are used to listen to music on a specialized disc. They can be portable or stationary just like a radio or walkman. Under this category is also Portable DVD players and MP3 players. Slot machines, rides and or attractions at theme parks that use mechanics and machines to thrill passengers and tourist, cell phones, reading lights, all of these things are used to propel your leisure and or recreational experience to new heights....
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