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CASE LIST FOR HFT 3603 The following cases are assigned to be reviewed for class. The cases with (*) are ones expected to be discussed in class, but the others will be discussed as time permits. All of these cases are materials which may be included in exams. Case Brief Example : * Cardinal Consulting Co. v. Circo Resorts, 297 NW 2d 260 : * Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc. v. Shute, 499 US 585 * Millenson v. New Hotel Monteleone, Inc., 475 F 2d 736 Nowak v. Tak How Investments, Ltd., 94 F 3d 708 Yamaha v. Calhoun, 516 US 199 Contracts : * Rainbow Travel Service, Inc.v Hilton Hotels Corp., 896 F 2d 1233 * Dold v. Outrigger Hotel, 501 P 2d 368 * Freeman v. Kiamesha Concord, Inc., 351 NYS 2d 541 * Lederman Enterprises, Inc. v. Allied Social Science Associations, 709 P 2d 1 Adams v H&H Meat Products, Inc., 41 SW 3d 762 [long, but good review of contract issues] . 94 Cal Rptr 2d 438 *Melo-Tone Vending, Inc. v. Sherry, Inc., 656 NE 2d 312 Negligence : Ordonez v. Gillespie, 2001 WL 294553 [This is a Westlaw cite, so must look in Westlaw] * Shadburn v. Whitlow, 533 SE 2d 765 Smith v. West Rochell Travel Agency, Inc., 656 NYS 2d 340 Montes v. Betcher, 480 F 2d 1129 *Jones v. GMRI, Inc., 2001 WL 747812 [Westlaw cite] First Overseas Investment Corp. v. Cotton, 491 So 2d 292 Starling v. Fisherman's Pier, Inc., 401 So 2d 1136 *Fish v. Paul d/b/a Horseshoe Motel, 574 A 2d 1365 *Copeland v. The Lodge Enterprises, Inc., 4 P 3d 695 Fields v. Robert Chappell Association, Inc.,
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HFT%203603%20Case%20list0 - CASE LIST FOR HFT 3603 The...

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