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DOC030811-0027 - 37‘ An open box with the squats base is...

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Unformatted text preview: 37‘ An open box with the squats base is to be made; from a square piece of cardboard 263 inches on a Side by cutting out a square from each corner and turning up the sides. a) Express the voiume V of the box as a function of the length x of the side of the sqoare out from each comer. b) What is the volume if a 3—inch square is out out? 0) What is the volume if a 10-inch square is out out? 38. An opan box with {he square base: is required to have a voiume of 10 cubic feet. 3) Express the mono: A of materiai useé to make such a box as a fimcfion of the length x ofthe side ofthe square base, V b) How much material is required for a box with 1 foot by 1 foot square base? 39. Let P = (x,y) be a point of the graph of y = J)? . Express the dis£ance d from P to the: point (I, O) as a fimction of x. What is the domain offi‘sis function? Chapter 4 40. Given Rx} : —3x + 3. Without computing or graphing, answer the nest two questions. What is the average: rate of change of f? is this function increasing, deoreasing or constant? 41,. Graph fix) -= :Sz-x-I 42. Write the function f(x) = 2x2 - 426 —-i in the form fix) 2 a(x _. hf + k and graph it using Hansfonnations. 43. Graph each quadrazic function by detonnining whother its graph opens up or down and finding its vertex, axis of symmetry, y-intercept, and x-iniercepis, if any. a_)f(x)z21c2 «x~1 1)) f(x)= ~32? +2x-4 44. Detomine, wii‘hout graphing, whothoy the giveo quaératio function has the maximum who or the minimum value and then find this value. ' a) f(x) = 2x2 -6x+1 b) fix) z—xz —3x+5 45. A fanner wiih 4090 meters of fencing wants to enclose a rectanguiar plot that borders on a river. If the {annex does not fence the side aiong the river, what is the iargest area thai can be enciosed? 46. The price 33 and me quantity x sold of a cefiain product obey the demand equation x=~5p+§09 , ogpszo 3} Express the mvenuo R as a function of x V b} What is tho revenue if 151mm are sold? 0) What quantity x maximizes revenue? What is the maximum revenue? (1) What price shouid the company charge so maximize revenue? Cizapter 5 47. Final“; the vorticai and horizontal? asymiptotes, if any, of each rational function. Write ihoir equations 2x2 + 3 a) x = WM f() x" ~3x—4 3x + I x2 ._ 4 3:3“ + 3 C) f{x):’b ........... 2x-3 19) fix}: ...
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