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Unformatted text preview: 57. The number of people N in a college commit)! who have heard a ceriain rumor is . N 2 PG .. em” ) , Where P is the total population of the community and d is the number of days than have elapsed since the rumor began. In a community of 1000 students, how many students will have heard the turner afier Mays? 58. Change an exponential expression to an equivalent expression involving a logarithm a) 2.2” = 5 b) ex =- 8 59. Change each logarithmic expression £0 an equivalent exyressioo involving an exponent a) leg 4 = 2 b) lnx 2 4 60. Find the exact value of each logarithm without using a calculaier gamma: 2)) 10%;; (2)1216} d)log55“‘3 x-z-l 61. Find the domain of f (x) =2 log5 . Wfite it in the interval nomtion. X 62Use transformations to graph f(x) m 2 + ln(x —~ 1) . Detennine its domain, range anci vertical asymptote, 63. Solve the equations a) log2 (2x+l) = 3 b) e2M5 =1 3 6) log 4 =2 64. The nonnal healing ef wounds can be modeled by an exponential function If A0 represents the original area of the wound and if A equals the area of the wound alter 11 days, then the formula A = A0 e '0‘35“ descn'bes the area of the wound on the nth day following an'injuzyu when no infection is preseni to retard the healing. Suppose the: a wound initially had an area of 300 square millimeters. a) If healing is taking place, how many days will pass before the Wound is V; of its original size? b) How long before the wound is 30% of iis eriginal? 65. Use properties of logarithms to find the exact value of each expression a) log 9+ log!) 4 b) 2:03:25 :2) log2 (Slog6 4 3' 66. Use the change of the base formula and a calculator to find leg2 9. 3 . J ‘+l . . 67. Write log2 Liz-3— , x > 5 as a sum andfor dlfference of loganthms. Express powers as factors. {3: ~ 5) 68. write 3log5(3x «3- 1} ~— 2 logS {2x — I) ~ leg5 x as a single logarifiam. 69, Express 3; as a function of x: if ln y X ~21: *2» 131C, 70. Solve the equations a) log K. + log (x85) 2 2 b) 22m a slug; c) log; x + log3 (x —- 2)=10g3(x + 4) d) ln(x+l)- in X t 2 e) 58“") z 8 i) 3W3? ~2m0 ...
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