Key Objectives for Developing PR Plans

Key Objectives for Developing PR Plans - 1...

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Key Objectives for Developing PR Plans 1. Be able to describe in detail each of the components of a PR plan. Situational Analysis Where is the organization today o History of organization o Basic overview of customers and products o Overview of competitors Usually about 1-2 pages 3 Types of Situations o Remedial: remedy, to fix a problem o One Time: openings o On-going: planning ahead Objectives What is the goal? o What do you want to accomplish o What do you want to happen o What does success look like to you Specify your outcomes o Must be specific and measurable; numbers and end dates Types of Objectives o Informational: spreading the word; awareness o Motivational: cause something to happen; selling out tickets Audience
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Define the target audience o Target specific publics (primary and secondary audiences) o Why do you think this is the right audience? Strategy How to get where you’re going How to accomplish your objectives State the themes of your plan What do you want your public to know about your client Tactics Your PR toolkit The actual things you are going to do
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Key Objectives for Developing PR Plans - 1...

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