11 - OTTOMAN EMPIRE Muslim do not interfere unless unhappy...

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OTTOMAN EMPIRE Muslim do not interfere, unless unhappy can go to muslim court, can appeal. Concils telrarted but not recognized -ban of excommunication jewish court, since not legally recognized, cannot always enforce the sanction, depends on muslim officials. Sometimes they overlook and let to come up with different sanctions, and sometimes they do not. - 2 communal models Salonika model- each community functions as indepenendent function- autonomous Istanbul model- several larg communities can come to gether and make decisions that apply to all communitieis- make smaller communities behave in certain wasys -rabbis enjoy relative freedom- excersize this sctrenght, is muslim officials don’t like it they can interfere. Rabbis can issue herems- traditional EASTERN EUROPE -strongest local community- KAHAL- autonmony- have own economical structure -have local kahals, and have a top org called concil of four lands COUNCIL OF FOUR LANDSS -so big had diffrernt regions- referred to as lans- had reps from four regions. -was the jewish parliament. Had kahals, and own national jewish parliament officaly recognized. -the duty of four lands -had lay leaders and rabbis. They decided what communities and what parts will be paid by. If one community is rich, they will pay 30 percent, and some communities could be exempt.
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-communities listened to them. Members of council were the most respected rabbis, richest powerful lay leaders. -members met twice a year - sit down and discuss their problems- -were tensions sometimes-rabbis might want to do different things. One wanted to sanction one community, the other might not have because of certain
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11 - OTTOMAN EMPIRE Muslim do not interfere unless unhappy...

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