jew in the midieval world

jew in the midieval world - -sheltering of...

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3 rd assignment 2/1/11 JWSH STUDIES THE JEW IN THE MEDIEVAL WORLD Jews of Poland- lots of self rule in second half of 13 th century - middle of 16 th century polish kings wanted to oranize compact groups - “council of four lands”- jews ruled by a group of laymen- easier to collect taxes - council had a big influence- governed eco. Life, protected polish jewry, collected taxes, regulated religions observances,. Controlled everyting in the community - 18 th century when Poland declined so did the council - fell into debt - abolished in late 18 th century - - The miry depth( hannover) – polish rabbi killed in 1683 Hebrew accountof polish life and suffering in first half of seventeenth century 1. philantrhropy and justice among polish jews, 1648world preserved by justice truth and peace- said by rabban gamliel - lots of charity in Poland.
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Unformatted text preview: --sheltering of strangers-wayfarers could lodge in a house as many days as they pleased- provided food- send them away with horse and buggy-- clothed other people from different areas if in need-students are taken in-if man, had a set of customs ,marry, come back, take hold o business become rich-father would give student to wife in return-all girls married before 18--Pillar of Justice-courts in every town- if they were to start litigation they would have to appear before the leaders of the four lands. =included an official from every town and 6 rabbinical scholars- together known as the council of four lands- power to judge everyone in Poland- would choose provincial judges III- lawas of the Lithuanian Council Governing Tax Collections and Recourse to Courts, Sep. 4. 1623--...
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jew in the midieval world - -sheltering of...

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