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Mission Statement - support groups and offering medical...

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Mission Statement: Group 7 D.A.M.N D omestic A buse M atters N ow D.A.M.N is committed to empowering and enabling women across the nation who experience domestic violence and/or abuse by creating advocacy, offering support, and providing a safe shelter within the local communities. D.A.M.N is dedicated to building a collaborative community process that focuses on increasing the awareness and prevention of domestic violence and abuse among women. D.A.M.N offers the necessary resources for victimized women of violence and abuse by allowing their voices to be heard through the development of local
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Unformatted text preview: support groups and offering medical services to women in need. D.A.M.N works diligently within the community alongside supporting organizations and the government to identify, and ultimately eliminate, social conditions connected to domestic violence against women by developing policies and groundbreaking legislation. Italicized is our general theme Underlined are phrases that we all mentioned should be included Let me know what you all would like to add/change Thanks...
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