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Theory and Philosophy of Communication Communicational Theory Lecture by: Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh The Organization Theory: Organizational Culture The Sociocultural Tradition Concepts 1.) Ecological context 2.) Differential interaction 3.) Collective understanding 4.) Individual domain Explanations 1.) Physical world , including location, time, and history 2.) Networks 3.) Common ways of understanding events , “context” (ideals, ideas, values, and practices) 4.) Common ways of interpreting events
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Unformatted text preview: (ritual, storytelling) Principles Emphasizes the ways people construct an organizational theory Philosophical Assumptions Epistemological (knowledge) We know by being taught, enculturated Ontological (values) Organizations create a shared reality that distinguishes them from other cultures Made through everyday interaction within an organization Axiological (research) Have to experience and interpret...
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