O managerial and democracy

O managerial and democracy - Theory and Philosophy of...

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Theory and Philosophy of Communication Communicational Theory Lecture by: Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh The Organization Theory: Managerialism and Organizational Democracy The Critical Tradition Concepts 1.) Domination 2.) Naturalization 3.) Neutralization 4.) Legitimation Explanations 1.) The process by which one entity is superior to another 2.) The assumption of truth on the part of power/stakeholders assumptions accepted 3.) Information is neutral 4.) One perspective is the authority Principles Organizational democracy is an ideal organizational environment which should be part of daily operations in organizations Managerial capitalism is the roadblock in the way of organizational democracy Philosophical Assumptions Epistemological (knowledge) We have been socially conditioned to believe management has the power therefore the knowledge Management is a social construct, so it can be changed Ontological (values) Managerialism’s way: the knowledge and policies already exist and it is up to the
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O managerial and democracy - Theory and Philosophy of...

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