C cultural hermeneutics theory

C cultural hermeneutics theory - Ontological (values)

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Theory and Philosophy of Communication Communicational Theory Lecture by: Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh Culture and Society Cultural Hermeneutics Theory The Phenomenological Tradition Concepts Thick description – describe cultural practices from natives point of view Thin description – merely describes behavioral pattern with little sense of what it means Explanations Hermeneutic circle – moving back and forth, trying to understand something unfamiliar to make it familiar Experience near concepts – meaning to members of culture Distance concepts – meaning to outsiders of culture Principles Tries to understand the actions of a group or a culture Truly understand – live culture first hand Philosophical Assumptions Epistemological (knowledge) Have some type of experience or understanding of cultural already
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Unformatted text preview: Ontological (values) Interrupting/understanding cultural Axiological (research) Has to observe and describe actions of a group examine figure out what they mean Experience culture more in depth Other Explain inside to outsiders Problems can arise if not understood Four part process. Personal experience Gaining understanding Define and theorize T. Through the use of near and distant concepts, we are able to interpret and understand what a different culture is Trying to understand the self through others Gain knowledge Willing to see through another perspective Shape through language Process of interpretation Can understand it, but never really know it because we havent lived it...
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C cultural hermeneutics theory - Ontological (values)

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