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Park 1 Samuel Park Professor Colombo English 102 Octover 27, 2010 Finding True Love Marriage is a traditional arrangement between a man and a woman that has existed since the beginning of society. It is a common notion that love is the basis for marriage and is what the foundation of the relationship becomes. Through this arrangement, the man and woman join in a union that lasts for a lifetime. However, in today’s evolved society, lasting and committed relationships based on love are hard to find, as can be seen through the extremely high divorce rate. Anton Chekhov and Joyce Carol Oates, in both of their variations of “The Lady with the Pet Dog,” portray protagonists that are unable to find true love in or outside of their marriages, only confusion and deceit. Through analysis of both versions of “The Lady with the Pet Dog,” observations are made that the protagonists of both stories, self-deceit in love because they want what they cannot have, are driven to find love in their old age, and also see love as salvation to bring them out of their strained marriage. In both stories by Anton Chekhov and Oates, love is portrayed as an act of lust and infatuation as both characters’ passions grow more strongly as a result of the rejections made by their lovers. The rejections made to their advances fueled the love pursuit of both main characters even more. In Anton Chekhov’s, “The Lady with the Pet Dog,” Anna departs from Dmitry with a short goodbye and the intention of never seeing him again. As time passes, Dmitry thinks of Anna, the time they had together, and is saddened because he knows that she was not completely happy when being with him. “He was moved, sad, and slightly remorseful: this young woman whom he would never meet again had not been happy with him…” (Chekhov, 210). This event with Anna is very different from the experiences that
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Finding True Love - Park 1 Samuel Park Professor Colombo...

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