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Jillian Henry 1b 1. Cardiac tamponade is the compression of the heart that occurs when blood or fluid builds up in the space between the myocardium (the muscle of the heart) and the pericardium (the outer covering sac of the heart). In this condition, blood or fluid collects within the pericardium. This prevents the ventricles from expanding fully. They cannot fill enough or pump blood. 3. Since there are moist sounds in her lungs, there is an indication that there has been fluid buildup since her left ventricle has failed. The cold and pale symptoms are probably because there is not blood being pumped out of the ventricle.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The baby can have a change in blood pressure because of the interruption in the circulation. She obviously has valve problems, and coronary artery problems. Some of the symptoms are blueness of the skin and shortness of breath, I think that is due to the poor circulation, and lack of oxygen getting through her body. 5. Endocarditis results from infection by bacteria that have entered the blood stream. Since he was a heroin addict, he could have injected himself with contaminated needles. 6. Atrioventricular groove- coronary sulcus Tricuspid valve Bicuspid valve Atroventricular bundle...
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