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anatomy- clinical ch 20 - detected by the nearest lymph...

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Jillian Henry 1B 2/7/2011 1) Since they removed lymphatics, it prevents the normal return of lymph to the blood. So she probably has short-term severe localized edema or Lymphedema. Lymphatic drainage is eventually reestablished by regrowth from the vessels remaining in the area. 2) I don’t think they are glands, but I think they’re the lymph nodes. The cut on her cheek is probably getting infected because the bandage doesn’t cover all of it. The infection is being
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Unformatted text preview: detected by the nearest lymph nodes, and they are just trying to fight infection. They get swollen because that’s how they fight the bacteria and infection. 3) These lymphoid organs are part of the immune system. The system also includes all of the structures dedicated and production of lymphocytes. Without these vital organs it makes the body more vulnerable to infection or disease, since it takes away from the immune system’s defense mechanisms....
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