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Spring 2011 1 Lab 5 The Nervous System and Special Senses Central nervous system (CNS): – includes the brain and spinal cord, both of which are hollow and filled with cerebrospinal fluid – contains separate regions of gray and white matter Peripheral nervous system (PNS): – includes all neural structures outside the CNS, such as cranial and spinal nerves and the autonomic and somatic nervous systems Neuron: a single cell of the nervous system, composed of a soma, dendrites and an axon Axon Nerve: Tract: a bundle of axons bound together with connective tissue (found in the CNS) Nodes of Ranvier Nucleus Schwann cell Terminal branches
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Spring 2011 2 Gray matter: • CNS tissue composed mainly of White matter: White matter: • CNS tissue composed mainly of bundles of myelinated axons (which give it a white appearance) Sheep brain (dorsal view) Cerebral hemisphere Sulci (invaginations) Gyri (ridges) hemispheres Cerebellum Medulla Sheep brain (ventral view) 1. Integration of sensory
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