Lecture%2002 - COMEOSWOO .0) Chemical pmpmg, “refers +0...

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Unformatted text preview: COMEOSWOO .0) Chemical pmpmg, “refers +0 pas 03' (Moms EMW'WG dispgkd by 4 and 4m re PmPOnh‘om of “MW of maflv as ‘rf mangm m diffugm‘ moms in a game aohanae M CompOSFfibn, OF I 826 Tam l-l fay examples. thgfcal pmpe‘hg —- CW‘c Phqsicax Change 0U§plaved by a ngpu of WW .—_===> Way'undu’aoes Me on whom undnfqom any CW3 macroscopic (era baa“ g3 change in fis Composmon. m COMOSWGH (ex: (goiter water) QKWWS Chemical mama (Chemth rxn Quarrfim‘ah‘ve-r: assouwed wflh __ waywang am in) numbers Composi'h'm not/or 7/) Mass, "12ng 93‘4- MW of- molecules. Quail;th .5) assoa‘w‘ed IMHO (8X: 3mm) obsW I’rouoh, smell 6+4 Clagfyinfl Man 8w5’ranca - *3??— °1c WW" Mg has a awake. mm! composHim mar does no+ w; Jim omswnpte +0 Mom.” (D Blamed @Connpound Elemw —-— gum-kgan 4nd M be mm down (n+0 81mm Subsmnuo log 01th rxn. Compound .— Sub a m up 07‘ one elements Mixm '- n0 fired composmm b- am, of mo armore Pm‘fwhbn effigy; (e mmop W --— can be. scpamtw WWW“? W a, boatugpfi Cusm% Pwfimj Pmpafleg) -- 8 ~ Chromaqu Humogemss NW :9 solufim msam EMW “43 . Measurerrads Wm and PWPWG’S. WWW Fundade 31: ands ‘9‘" Sufi” WW” “'W’w raw, 1-5 8 Seapgswe 105,, more. (WWW P am! P3, MW. ngenwus MW um ohm”! __vw;ain COMP an /W%M Mass kil m 5"" WE Kelvin . g P. gull More examoiw team Comm Amer: mag I’fiF—i‘é Am+of- gamma). mole. PM => mama ' QIiw'Jfl-g ma ' mass Dansn‘g gfim 3 @ L’Mug‘fla 8]: um'f —_—> 3 Mejm‘c qufem prefixes Tabu. M} pg 8’ Uncerm‘ in masmmerw ' Mwmmw has 30W 31.6%! of- unwawg. as- mL vs .007?”— 2 5" 9‘3 098.. low MM 342qu + ' mL 94. W. as 0, 8290mm Mm‘qum firmth 3);”: main WW gig. "We! Heatwaé, Mama and swim . m “swam”. 5‘3"" 98“; @ Ex: :00: 54 31c) @ — at all“ 03 q 1 w/ mVatue 4) A” W *9 mg: 01°“ (if {we SW WWW! (3th number m decimal if average comes cloak? W I”, m gremwt" WM) $15.00 0+ 81c.) pWM-fidwdfim mo cam) 01 sew” WW IQO 6231‘) numbm "m it: 6% fight __ Use 80 I ‘QOXID:l (—7 mm 4: 63 9‘? 59%. La 3:? 99 Ml nun—um nmm we avg cam. Ex :13 C 8 8F grgmfiw‘cam. "“m- Ema-000321 “13% @ Sauufim Hamm- IXI03 =9 Isf- ...
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This note was uploaded on 03/08/2011 for the course CHEM 161 taught by Professor Vacillian during the Fall '08 term at Rutgers.

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Lecture%2002 - COMEOSWOO .0) Chemical pmpmg, “refers +0...

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