Lecture%2016 - w Surround.S H am can be war avwdemnowfi...

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Unformatted text preview: w Surround, .S H am can be war avwdemnowfi 71g flake Me‘, 0 +“1W9m0dyname‘cs@ EMU W asvsf-m carriw Gm” 61G) sign. H hm: (Is abacarfom See/pea an! 5‘3 M nevm 0% W W Swarm 45>o (1‘), If 0+ Sm?) Wcuncmnsl wows clone, on 933mm , wyoCa AU = Wm} mammal, Envth (naming a: 8vs+em Car-rue 8m Wm rem-m +0 Hs-inl'fia! a (:- gnaw. mm, is (1‘me is ramed‘ a Eggs-gm IS WM fi'rfs mh‘w c6wi of? b3 m. Law ogconsmihm of 010%. haw-0a J: a a J ‘ ‘ . l 1 fl PM wegwwwwm'fi q 5'57 m: :s m Awuhm WWW and AU - ab +W =C— $7,733 + (993%? WWFQ WSWQ’” _. in an isolated 99am.» came a nmp. increase m 998*?!”- ... ‘ an o /oio£ed SW gmsfmb MW we“ «to m S‘me #6140 CW. A+ Consmnr pwm ' Endemic, rm AU 66 _'_ w =9 Wm! gnaw in a 9 c -- = P is Conwi—Dmmgfiiwfl =ebP—PAV (Q “in an isotwed 913mm R 6d,. mm W- m as“? _ ‘m an open/dosed ewe/n Quesfion: A System absoms beabsorbed lailfl W and ex ands S'DOJJM. at anex pmssm a; 0.?‘a1m. C+~) Sign. I A W 65 ms ram) whw S u" - My bat-W1 Au = +@ . W 93‘ a rxn systematic! d5 Weir/:36 w: _‘PAV when “I‘m rm 066M amfixed W. = “(0.?W)(o_fo¢) AH" a flU -+~ fif W‘ G) Enqu is an eansire ml» Mamie WGWW on 0? Mal-fer obsemzd. in coma: imam mm is Inupendw 033 cfiuanhiy owe/vent En I‘sa mww Ciam u, Wat/£33m 9m Win/as. 5%:pr changes have wu‘m 6m“... 39%“: 63 Mp5 Cs) + amo€0® (a? ——-> 419363) + .1»;st in a mmyou 35+ AH- + 0.2%) E’angk swap—3 CW 0 mn- mm m- AH 24 m +Q"‘O( eanmAH w h 0' fish-Mascwhmp p” MW. CM A6 4 V4 Asa-S (sh-KM! erxn' macaw! mm 80 wagon“, Q am PM coefim mm b (9 ’ 4sowvidadflb 4, AH': - 149 4 S'I’Ofche‘o_ Mamm- Ex 6. p? ., WhmL vomag 0H4 )mmd =3 maxmsmw at QF°C~ and 74:?mmwbe # w "@@§Xfa% [m5le low in EXCMOOa-i-OW V; RT [email protected] Dr 9a nut/7W in m. rxn ,7 . , + 9.0219.) —5 C041?) )4 023$” 4H 3LT 7QPS'WX W i ' m ' 4 " 9:4 adagy ‘3‘ 3‘7? gm 1- 1 0-30. F3631" Md nc 3‘ © Wm‘omwjfiq a ma @Ptufi mm W: "RT 'l'bvafld V ...
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This note was uploaded on 03/08/2011 for the course CHEM 161 taught by Professor Vacillian during the Fall '08 term at Rutgers.

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Lecture%2016 - w Surround.S H am can be war avwdemnowfi...

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