Null 2ed chap 3 - Chapter 3 Objectives Understand the...

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1 Chapter 3 Boolean Algebra and Digital Logic CIS 225 Prof. Rasley 2 Chapter 3 Objectives • Understand the relationship between Boolean logic and digital computer circuits. • We will skip the remainder of the chapter 3 3.1 Introduction • In the latter part of the nineteenth century, George Boole incensed philosophers and mathematicians alike when he suggested that logical thought could be represented through mathematical equations . How dare anyone suggest that human thought could be encapsulated and manipulated like an algebraic formula? • Computers, as we know them today, are implementations of Boole’s Laws of Thought . – John Atanasoff and Claude Shannon were among the first to see this connection. 4 3.1 Introduction • In the middle of the twentieth century, computers were commonly known as “thinking machines” and “electronic brains.” – Many people were fearful of them. • Nowadays, we rarely ponder the relationship between electronic digital computers and human logic. Computers are accepted as part of our lives. – Many people, however, are still fearful of them. • In this chapter, you will learn the simplicity that constitutes the essence of the machine.
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2 5 3.2 Boolean Algebra • Boolean algebra is a mathematical system for
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Null 2ed chap 3 - Chapter 3 Objectives Understand the...

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