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Instructions: Migrating Blackberry Users to FIUmail These instructions are only for users who currently are using Lotus Notes with a Blackberry , and thus, currently have an account on our Blackberry Enterprise Server for Lotus Domino. Once you are migrated to FIUMail, you will need to be set up on the new Blackberry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to transition to the new Blackberry Enterprise Server for Exchange: Step1: Verify migration 1. Verify that your FIUMail account has been created and you can access it via the web ( ) or with a supported client (e.g., Outlook 2007) 2. Verify that the mail, calendar, and To-Dos you had in your Lotus Notes mailbox have been migrated to your FIUMail mailbox. 3. Verify that you have already migrated your Lotus Notes address book into your FIUMail mailbox using the Quest Self- Service Migrator tool. Step 2: Make a backup of your device and your filters You should make a backup of your device in case any of the information stored in the device may need to be restored: 1. Connect your device to the USB port on your computer 2. Launch your Desktop Manager application 3. From the Main Menu , select 4. Choose to Backup your device 5. Choose a location for the backup and click Save 6. Once the backup is done, from the Main Menu, select Email Settings 7. Click on the Filters tab 8. If there are any customized filters (other than the To and Cc default filters), click on Save and save the filters to a file on your computer. 9. Make a note of the version of your Desktop Manager by clicking on Help About Desktop Manager Step 3: The Desktop Manager client you installed and configured for use with your Lotus Notes account will no longer work now that your e-mail account resides on a Microsoft Exchange server. Therefore, you will have to uninstall it and install it again configured for Microsoft Exchange. Here are the steps in this process: 1. Click on Start Control Panel Add/Remove Programs 2. Select the Blackberry Desktop Software from the list of programs installed and click on Change/Remove
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Configuring_Blackberry - Instructions Migrating Blackberry...

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