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1 COOKING BASICS GLOSSARY OF TERMS á la Meuniere (a la mun yair) A classic method for sautéing fish. The fish is dredged in flour, sautéed in a clarified butter or oil, sprinkled with lemon juice and fresh chopped parsley, and then finished with hot brown butter. á Point (ah PWAH) A French term for “cooked to the perfect degree of doneness.” Typically, the meat is a thick layer of cooked gray on the outside, and rose pink on the inside. Commonly called “medium.” As Purchased (A.P.) weight The condition of a product as it is purchased or received from the supplier. Au Jus (ah zhew) A French term for meats and poultry served with their natural, unthickened juices. Adductor A mollusk’s single muscle that is used to open and close its shell. When the muscle is relaxed, the shell is open. In many mollusks, it is the primary edible part; in the scallop, it is the only edible part. Aging The process by which meats are held in coolers under controlled conditions to provide time for the natural tenderizing process to occur. Bain Marie bath (bhan mah-REE • bath) A shallow container of water that has a rack on which food containers are placed. Electricity, gas, or steam usually heats the bath. Bain Marie inserts are placed into these Bain Marie baths. Also called a hot water bath. Bain Marie inserts (bhan mah-REE • IN serts) Tall, cylinder-shaped containers used to hold foods. They are inserted into Bain Marie baths. Bake To cook foods using convection—that is, surrounding them with hot, dry air, usually in an oven. The product is always uncovered. Roasting and baking refer to the same dry heat cooking method. However, the term roast is used when talking about cooking meat and poultry, and the term bake is used when talking about dough and batter products, as well as vegetables and fish.
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2 Bake pan A pan used for general baking. It is about two inches deep, and comes in a variety of sizes. Batonnet (bah-toh-NAY) A type of cut that is ¼ inch wide by ¼ inch deep by three inches long. See also: Brunoise Dice French Fry Julienne Bechamel Sauce (bay-shah-MELL) One of the Five Mother Sauces. This sauce is made from milk or cream. Also called a white or cream sauce. Beef Filet A fabricated cut of beef from the center of the tenderloin that is lean, very tender, and flavorful. Also called filet mignon. Bench scraper A broad, stiff piece of metal with a wooden or plastic handle on one edge, used to scrape workbenches and cut pieces of dough. Also called a dough knife. Bien Cuit (be-en KWEE) The French term for meat that is gray all the way through. When cut, there is no trace of pink inside. Commonly called “well done.” Bivalve mollusks Shellfish that live inside a pair of hard, hinged shells. Examples include oysters, clams, mussels, and
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CookingBasicsGlossary - COOKING BASICS GLOSSARY OF TERMS la...

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