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Anthony Sobers-Assue 14200 SW 115 Terr Miami, FL 33186 [email protected] Mr. Jorge Gutierrez Human Resources Manager Setai Hotel 581 Ocean Drive Miami, FL 33139 To Mr. Jorge Gutierrez: I’m interested in a sous chef position for the Setai Hotel. A mutual associate, Louis, told me about the open position earlier in the week and after researching the hotel via reviews and the website it seems to be a place that I can contribute my skills, knowledge, abilities and resources towards. As a formally trained cook, I believe that I can lead the food and beverage department to new heights in culinary delights for the high-profile guests and visitors who regularly frequent the hotel. The Setai exceeds and sets industry standards amongst the best of South Beach venues and in my pursuit of excellence in my cooking and positive reviews from patrons with a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Florida International University’s
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Unformatted text preview: Hospitality Management program I think that I am well-equipped to bring a fine dining experience to the good people of Miami. My resume will give you references to my previous workplaces. From Marlin Hotel to Boiler House, the work experience listed within has prepared me for the best and worst that the industry has to offer. Punctuality and reliability, two qualities that also create great employees are instilled in me and can be an invaluable asset to the Setai property. I would like to follow this letter with a personal interview if possible. My schedule is flexible as to time and place and my phone number is 305.898.0021 for the quickest way to reach me. I will be in the area this Monday and able to speak with you around 2PM EST. for additional information and references. Sincerely yours, Anthony Sobers-Assue...
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