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SAMPLE TEST QUESTION You are the owner of a motel in the Keys which has a dolphin pool. Guests of the hotel, and non-guests, may have a swimming session with the dolphins for a fee of $180. for non-guests and $150. for motel guests. Before entering the dolphins pool, each customer must sign a Release from Liability form which states that the motel will not be liable for any injuries suffered by the customer while swimming with the dolphins. Which of the following are true? a) If a 14 year old girl is injured by a dolphin while swimming, the motel will not be liable for damages if the Release was signed by her parents. b) The motel has a greater responsibility for injuries if the customer is a hotel guest because innkeepers have a higher duty to protect guests than non-guests.
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Unformatted text preview: c) The motel has a greater responsibility for injuries if the customer is a non-guest because the non-guest paid more for the swim session, so there is a higher expectation of safety. d) Even with a signed Release, the motel is likely to be held liable for swimmers’ injuries if the motel management knew that swimmers were frequently injured by angry dolphins and failed to disclose this risk to customers. e) The motel will be liable for injuries to swimmers because of res ipsa loquitor. f) The motel will not be liable for injuries to minors who jump the fence enclosure and swim at night in the dolphins’ pool if there is a posted sign which warns, “Keep Out!”...
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