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Syllabus%20Spring%202011 - COURSE SYLLABUS Leadership in...

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COURSE SYLLABUS Leadership in the Hospitality Industry Section: B51 Fall 2010 Professor Joseph J. West, Ph.D. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Florida International University Office Hours: 1 hour prior to class time or by appointment Office: HM 357 Phone: (305) 919-4510 Fax : (305) 919-4555 E-mail: [email protected] Web: hospitality.fiu.edu/west COURSE DESCRIPTION Provides the graduating senior with the fundamentals of leadership and leadership skills necessary for organizational success in the hospitality industry.
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COURSE OBJECTIVES This course introduces the student to the concept of leadership by examining current theories on leadership. The student will acquire the understanding of core leadership behavior patterns which have been researched extensively in the organizational theory literature as well as emerging successful leadership behavior patterns. At the conclusion of the course the student will not only understand leadership theory, but also effective leadership behavior in a constantly changing hospitality industry environment. This course will assist the student to become more self-aware of personal leadership style and help them develop their ability to influence others. In the end, the course should increase the student’s leadership potential. By completing all of the required course work, the student will enhance their oral and written communication as well as their critical thinking and research skills. LEARNING OUTCOMES As the capstone course in the Hospitality Management undergraduate degree program, this course requires the student to successfully demonstrate mastery of a number of learning outcomes. As the course proceeds during the semester, students will be evaluated on their oral and written communication skills, their critical reasoning and research skills, and of course, their grasp of the subject matter. This means that the student will receive assignments which will demonstrate their skill levels in each of these areas. At the completion of this course the student will have demonstrated the following learning outcomes: 1. Analysis of the leadership behavior patterns of successful leaders; 2. Ability to apply analytical processes to solve leadership case study problems; 3. Ability to differentiate between the various leadership models; 4. Ability to effectively research and present findings in an acceptable written format; 5. Ability to effectively present research findings and case studies in an acceptable oral presentation; 6. Ability to effectively discuss leadership topics in an informal classroom setting.
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Syllabus%20Spring%202011 - COURSE SYLLABUS Leadership in...

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