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Laundry Use Problem: On Test Two: The numbers will be changed! 200 rooms 70% occupied = 140 50% of occupied rooms participate in linen/towel reuse How many rooms: ___________________ We save 10 laundry loads Maids and Laundry Labor: $ 10.00 per hour labor cost Maids saved 10 minutes per participating room. Laundry Labor saved:
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Unformatted text preview: 300 minutes Chemicals cost $1.05 per load How much labor saved: Maids: ___________ Laundry: ___________ Water cost: $ 1.00 per 100 gallons Water use per load: 165 gallons Number of water gallons saved:_____ Water Cost Savings: ___________ Chemical Cost Savings: ___________ Total Cost Savings ___________...
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