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Lecture 1 - Why do you need to learn about law and what do you need to know? First, Prevention. Learn enough about legal issues to avoid problems. Second, learn when to call a lawyer. Look for legal advice when you recognize a potential problem. This is problem management. If you let a problem go it may develop into a larger problem. Third, you are not going to become a lawyer by taking this class. Repeat - you are not a lawyer after this class. Fourth - you will have a framework to give you some knowledge as to legal issues and you will know how to search for some answers. Fifth – you will learn how to keep current on legal issues. Law is not a cookbook which you commit to memory. We will look at law through cases, but each case has different facts and one court may apply the law differently than another. We will learn how to keep abreast of new law. Our objective is to give you an introduction to legal issues which arise in hospitality businesses. In real life, issues are complicated by the specific facts and by the particular laws which control in the jurisdiction where the problem is located. We will concentrate on the laws of Florida, but many students will be employed in other locations, particularly in foreign countries, since this is the nature of the hospitality industry. We will learn about some differences in laws in other states and countries and will learn how to research the laws of other places. Laws are constantly changing, particularly with developing technology. Privacy issues are changing with technology, for instance. Telephone calls travel through the air, by satellites, and by computer communications which cross international boundaries. What are reasonable expectations of privacy and when are communications open to interception? What are some of the topics we will be studying? How to make contracts; how to avoid being sued and how to sue others. How to comply with many layers of governmental regulations. Employment issues - anti-discrimination, hourly wage requirements, disability requirements; harassment, firing, worker health and safety. Special liabilities for sale and service of food and liquor. How to get paid from the guests. How to safeguard security of guests’ personal safety and property.
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lecture%201.1%20intro.HFT3600 - Lecture 1 - INTRODUCTION...

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