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1Lecture 2 - Legal Procedures; Lawsuits - HFT 3603 Sources of Law 1. Constitutions - Federal and States Powers enumerated and limited Bill of Rights; freedoms of speech, religion, equal protection, etc. 2. Statutes - Federal and States Environmental, regulatory, safety, etc. Taxes, Civil Rights, ADA, Immigration, OHSA 3. Regulations Employment - Workers compensation, unemployment, rights Sales taxes, real property taxes Licenses, zoning 4. Cases (under common law) Common legal theories to create liability: Contracts = sales, services, employment, etc. Torts = rights, negligence, libel, advertising Lawsuits Complaint Summons - service on defendants; long-arm jurisdiction Motions - motion to dismiss Answer Interrogatories and other discovery Depositions Requests for production of documents and things Inspections Expert witnesses Records - Documents, witnesses, other evidence Motion for Summary Judgment - case to be decided by Judge without trial Trial - by Judge and/ or Jury Judgment Appeal Petition for Certiorari to Supreme Courts
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