lecture%204.1%20negligence.%20HFT3600 - Lecture 4.1 -...

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Lecture 4.1 - NEGLIGENCE Negligence: duty or right + breach of duty + proximate cause + damages Duty is generally to not do harm to other persons or property. Right is to carry out one’s normal affairs without being harmed. Question: What is the standard for this duty of care? Standards of duty may change with the relationship which one has to the other party Paying guest vs. invitee (nonpaying) vs. trespasser. Fla. standard as to duty of care on business premises: Paying guests and invitees: reasonable care + warn of dangers. Trespassers: duty to not cause intentional harm (eg., trip gun) Duties: Keep premises clean and clear of dangerous obstacles. Stairways must meet building code standards for sizes of riser and tread. Floors should not be slippery; beware of slippery materials or finishes. Things should not fall from overhead; doors should not swing open unexpectedly; changes in levels of the floor should be obvious; hazards should be marked. Negligence:
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lecture%204.1%20negligence.%20HFT3600 - Lecture 4.1 -...

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