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Florida International University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management COURSE SYLLABUS Financial Analysis in the Hospitality Industry HFT 4464 B51 B52 Fall 2010 Professor Twila-Mae Logan Office: HTM 353 Office Hours: M 12noon-2:00pm, T 11:00am- 12noon, W 2:00pm-3:00pm Phone: (305) 919-4529 Fax : (305) 919-4555 E-mail: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION Facilitates understanding and use of financial analysis in the hospitality industry. Topics include decision-making based on ratio analysis, leverage, financing sources and other financial issues. COURSE OBJECTIVES The objectives of this course are as follow: (i) The student should learn to use financial reports to judge managerial performance (ii) The student should understand the importance of working capital management (iii) The student should learn how to finance the firm (iv) The student should understand time value of money concepts and how these are used in investment analysis (v) The student should be able to use decision making models to analyzing investment projects.
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LEARNING OUTCOMES The student should be able to: (i) Assess the past financial performance by analyzing financial statements. (ii) Transform accounting data into financial ratios. (iii) Create monthly cash budgets based on cash inflows and outflows. (iv) Explain the importance of managing short term assets and liabilities (v) Describe different methods of debt and equity financing. (vi) Compute present values and future values of single payments and annuities (vii) Appraise new projects using NPV, IRR and MIRR methods. (viii) Explain the significance of investment decision-making in the long term. COURSE PRE-REQUISITES / CO-REQUISITES HFT 3403 Accounting for the Hospitality Industry TEXTBOOK & OTHER REQUIRED MATERIAL “Hospitality Financial Management” Agnes DeFranco & Thomas Lattin, John Wiley Publishers ISBN # 0-471-69216-6. Available: University bookstore.
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