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Running head: CASE 5-4 1 Week 3 Case Study 5-4 Jeremy Doncouse Mountain State University
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Running head: CASE 5-4 2 Extensive Case 5-4. 1. What are some of the symptoms of fraud in this case? The fist symptom of fraud was that fraud was reported. Other symptoms included demanding a high volume of contracts, faster processing time, high turnover, sneaking behind the government, and distancing themselves from their subcontractors. 2. What questions would you ask yourself about fraud symptoms that might help you investigate this fraud? Why would someone report fraud? Most contractors want as many contracts as possible but want to be able to finish them so why would they feel like demanding more contracts would be a good idea? Why do they have such a high rate of employee turnover? Contractors and subcontractors usually have good relationships so why does this contractor keep themselves independent of their subcontractors.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Why would an undercover operation be the most effective approach to investigation? This is a major fraud. The government awards millions, if not billions of dollars, annually to build, repair, and maintain its war arsenal. If this fraud is putting the sea worthiness of the U.S. fleet in jeopardy then an undercover operation to determine the scope and magnitude of the fraud is in order. In an undercover operation the government would most likely be able to catch the contractor in the act of defrauding it and be able to figure out how the contractor got away with it in the first place. This way, the government will be better prepared to handle similar situations in the future. Plus, gathering the evidence would better enable the government to prosecute the contractor to the fullest extent of the law....
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Doncouse_Jeremy_Week3 - 3. Why would an undercover...

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