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Doncouse_Jeremy_Week5 - Running head CASE 10-1 1 Week 5...

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Running head: CASE 10-1 1 Week 5 Case Study 10-1 Jeremy Doncouse Mountain State University
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Running head: CASE 10-1 2 Extensive Case 10-1. 1. Name at least three mistakes that Sherman made in interviewing Lee and Johnson. First, Sherman tried to interview two suspects at once. This is a mistake because they can play off of each other’s answers and dilute or make more difficult getting the truth. Second, Sherman allowed the two suspects 1 ½ hours together alone which would give them ample time to concoct a believable story and make it very difficult to come to the truth. Third, Sherman told the duo to wait for him in the “interrogation” room which would definitely frighten the pair and cause them to start inventing stories and basically put them on their guard. 2. In what ways could Sherman have changed the interview? Sherman could have interviewed the suspects separately. This allows the interviewer ample time and opportunity to get all the known or suspected facts straight. Plus, Sherman could have put each
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