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Doncouse_Jeremy_Week8 - Running head Extensive Case 1 Week...

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Running head: Extensive Case 1 Week 8 Extensive Case, Chapter 18 Jeremy Doncouse Mountain State University
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Running head: Extensive Case 2 Extensive Case 18. 1. How do you think Rigas rationalized his dishonest use of company assets? Rigas started the company back in 1950 and was able to transform it into the sixth largest cable company in the world. Rigas was well-known for his charitable contributions and was well-respected in the community. The perceived pressure probably stemmed from financing an exorbitant charitable lifestyle to keep his family and friends happy and maintain his image. The opportunity, of course, came from his family’s control of the company. Finally, his rationalization probably stemmed from thinking that he was solely responsible for the creation and success of the company and he deserved to enjoy the fruits of his labors as he saw fit. 2. What are other ways people rationalize fraudulent behavior? People are fairly creative in their methods of convincing themselves that fraudulent behavior is somehow ok. Maybe the individual was passed-over for a much deserved promotion or doesn’t receive proper recognition for their efforts at work. Sometimes people feel they are justified when they are treated
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