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Running head: Chapter 5 1 Week 5 Written Assignment: Chapter 5 Jeremy Doncouse Mountain State University
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Running head: Chapter 5 2 Chapter 5: The Integumentary System The Skin 1. Name the tissue types composing the epidermis and dermis. List the major layers of each and describe the function of each layer. The tissues that compose the epidermis include: keratinocytes, melanocytes, epidermal dendritic cells, and tactile cells. Keratinocytes produce keratin, are constantly in mitosis, and are tightly connected by desmosomes. Melanocytes synthesize melanin which accumulates on the sunny side of the keratinocyte nucleus, forming a pigment shield from UV light. Epidermal dendritic cells arise from bone marrow and migrate to the epidermis and are key factors in our immune system. Tactile cells are present in the epidermal-dermal junction and are attached to a sensory nerve ending and functions as a sensory receptor for touch. From deep to superficial there are five layers of skin which we will now explore. The stratum basale is attached to the underlying dermis and is made of a single row of stem cells, the youngest keratinocytes, and continually reproduces. The stratum spinosum contain a weblike system of intermediate filaments which span their cytosol to attach to desmosomes. Stratum granulosum is where the last capillaries are and where the keratinocytes change drastically as the process of keratinization occurs and two types of granules accumulate; keratohyaline (form keratin in the upper layers), and lamellated (glycolipid which resists water loss across the epidermis). Stratum lucidum is where the keratohyaline granules cling to the keratin filaments causing them to aggregate in large, cable-like,
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Doncouse_Jeremy_Week5 - Running head: Chapter 5 1 Week 5...

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