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Mountain Sfate University, Independent Study Organic Chemistry Chem 301 Exercise I (Chapters I and 2) Name: l.e-tn *rY I r "i <e When Completed Mail to: Dr. Daniel Woodman, short Answer sll S""no*{ s'f /lar)ot/o, oH tl\rygo l. Give the ground-state electron configuration for carbon (atomic nurnber 6). 5 L J,S 2. Cive the ground-state electron configuration for magnesium (atomic number 12). Exhibit r-l ,l5 eu|eef| 3-r^ Write valid Lewis (electron-dot) structures for each formula below. Show all electrons as dots and show all non-bonding electrons. CaCh tstrachloroethylene
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Unformatted text preview: ct7: 'Cl c-+ 'cl a t. 4. ,CI CIIaO methanol ,'1 ,-:-H:L: O; Exhibit 1-2 ',) t+ Consider the structure of ure{ shown below, to answer the following question(s). o tl HzN-C-NH2 5. Refer to Exhibit 1-2. The carbon atom in urea is: c. d. not hybridized Exhibit 1-3 Determine the hvbtidization for the indicated atoms in each structure below. A. \ \:o: ,/8. ll{ cHr-crl2-.-g4t C. D. \\ \\ CI{1- C: N: 6. Refer to Exhibit 1-3. The hybridization of this oxygen atom (A) * .-? t. 7. Refer to Exhibit I -3. The hybridization of this carbon atom (C) is -Sp 5....
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