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16. Refer to Exhibit 2-2.Theformal charge on phosphorous (A) ir f I 17. Refer to Exhibit 2-2.The formal charge on carbon (C) isg Exhibit 2-3 Phenylalanine is an amino acid that is essential to human nutrition. The representation below shows the structure of phenylalanine at physiological pH. Consider this structure to answer the following question(s). A.\ \rot ll ^ * u ..(J phenylalanine CILCHC* ()l- ettt, * \ 18. Refer to Exhibit 2-3. Assign any formal charges to atoms in this representation of phenylalanine. )r tll3()4 + a-ci d Exhibit 2-6 lil/1r + ii-itlH B, pKa = 15.? H:0 D. C. 22. Refer to Exhibit 2-6.Thestrongest Brsnsted-Lowry acid in the equation is . . O 23. Refbrto Exhibit 2-6. willthis reaction take placp as written? Exolain. )/es' L."uo"t /{a-O rc.ar-ts fo pnala* L
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Unformatted text preview: in the group of compounds below. Lg. Refer to Exhibit 2-3. The oxygen atom labeled B. has e- bonding electrons. Exhibit 2-4 Use the d- ld+ convention and the crossed arrow (-+_*) to show the direction of the expected polarity of the indicated bonds in the following compounds. * tiu, ^ 20. Refer to Exhibit Z-4.Theesi uond in tetramethylsilane, (cf{3hsi #.4r>iij< {;, Exhib*2_5 Otrf; uf, ./ nr**ry fl""r- uill hz- ru -ez,+|\ Label the acid, conjugdte acid, base, and conjugate base in each reaction below. NaH '€ CH.O'NaJ basu. li)"gafo htse +H"t c"fi'yec A-ctd-Refer to the following equation to answer the question(s) below. Place the letter corresponding to the correct answer in the blank. pKa = lS (CHr)-.('-O-H rt. 1513 rtw (CH1)_1C'-Or Ii...
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