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Exercise 1, page 4 - below Exhibit 2-7 Consider the acidity...

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Bflr 25. Draw rwo resonance structures for the species below. HCr Feh: 27. Refer to Exhibit 2-7. .Wlich acidJnas the ptrongesr conjugate base? U"atn# ac;d = ,ffroyiis* b-os"- Exhibit 2-8 Consider the reaction below to answer the following question(s). H_N-H + I H 3{): ll u46'T-o, STRUCTURE PE^ r 0.00 CHTCHzOH 16.00 HOH t5.74 H +> H-:l-H I H r+d t.{ .. 2"-\ !o! tl N :tj- ]- ij:- --^\ f-t", * ^r^ O.r'"t ,,4/\'5.cift 26, Draw two resonance strucfures for the species
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Unformatted text preview: below. Exhibit 2-7 Consider the acidity constants below to answer the following question(s). ACID phenol ethanol 28. Refer to Exhibit 2-8. Using the curved arrow formalism, show the flow of electrons for this reaction. Exhibit 2-9 Indole is pleasant smelling in highly dilute solutions and has been used in perfumery. Use the structure of indole, below, to answer the following question(s)....
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