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4>--t ..-,,,.,,". .-. ..""-':- ,t. I r \\ ,/ -'n.l-l I ll ') /il,dot* + 'ufi Y- \, -r''-iltd / " v '\/ l/ II Refer to Exhibit 2-9. Indole can function as a Brsnstedrlowry acid in the presence of strong bases. Formulate a reaction, showing electron flow with alrows, that demonstrates this reactivity of indole. The condensed structure for dimethyl ether looks symmetrical. Howevero dimethyl ether has a dipol
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Unformatted text preview: that explains this and indicate the expected direction of the molecular dipole moment. ,z(CQn,". urt11 'IU N 29. 30. cllrgi<xr, dimethylether Exhibit 2-10 Consider the acid-base reaction below to answer the following question(s). ..,4tl-\ cHrq{-ll!- * I C[I: base . tr +> CH.C4- o- j tt clls ).. :o-H acid i,-+ ll0, tt 31. Refer to Exhibit 2-10. Write the products of this Lewis acid - base reaction....
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